Recording in-game video help!!
I am wondering which is the button to record video ingame? Or are the videos uploaded on youtube recorded using 3rd party program?
In game record button is 'Scroll Lock' and by pressing the button again it automatically saves into your

closers folder. ( C:\Nexon\Closers )

However, when it causes game to slowdown the game automatically shows a pop up and says 'recording stops due to latency in gameplay'
The In-game recorder uses bandicam script, so it would be like bandicam without watermark. I personally use Fraps for the raw footage, but then youtube took weeks to process a 1080p 60FPS video. So you might want to play around with it before coming to the finally decision on what to use.
Thanks guys Big Grin, I was quite frustrated 'cause there were so many epic cutscenes and i couldnt record it Smile
....Now just have to find how to turn on/off the scroll lock on my laptop....

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