Regarding Stamina usage
So, i deleted my Seulbi before and create another one.

But the stamina on my newly created Seulbi are 170/170 and 0/340.

Question :

1. Why i can't go into dungeon?
2. What's that 170/170 and 340/340 thing? The later one seems to be Stamina, but it should be full on my new Seulbi right?
170 is your character's stamina
340 is the total stamina for today.
Basically you can't play until stamina resets
If 170 is my character stamina, i should be able to enter dungeon right?
Does total stamina have anything to do with it? because i have 5/170 on my Yuri and 170/170 on this new Seulbi

Further explanation are appreciated Smile
Closers have a different system. Let me try to explain it this way. Each character has their own stamina which is 170/170 but your ACCOUNT itself has a stamina as well which is 340/340. To do a dungeon, you must have some account stamina and character stamina.

To put it this way, once your character runs out of stamina, s/he is tired so s/he can't do dungeons right? Once your account runs out of stamina, your account is tired and will not do any runs no matter if your characters are willing for it.

Basically you can empty the stamina of two characters everyday.
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Thanks for the explanation sayi50!!

I see , this game does have different system with their stamina.
I guess it's to counter people like me, who have time to level multiple character.

Thanks for the answer, and i hope this thread will be usefull later.

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