Repair Items
Yeah,i justw ant to know how to repair items?
After a dungeon talk to Euni, open the shop and click on the Golden Wrench icon

In towns, talk to the lady who wears her shirt (or lab coat?) above her sleeves, open her shop, click the golden wrench too
Talk to any NPC that you can buy or sell items to. There's three buttons at the bottom of the buy window with wrench icons that let you either:
1) Repair all equipment in your possession, either equipped or in your inventory.
2) Repair equipment individually.
3) Repair all currently equipped equipment. Recommended.

Try to repair after every dungeon so they don't break often. The longer you wait to repair them, the more credits it will cost to do so.
Ooooh ok thank you ^^
Most shop NPC's allow repairs. Talk to them, go to their shop. Below, there should be some hammer-like icons. Click on each of them to do specific tasks:
Repair All, Specific, All equipped.


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