Restore Slot gear Unique...
anyone can helpme ?   Sad how to restore slot tunning gear agaian ?

[Image: 89n9kk]
Your picture is not showing correctly.
Also,wrong section (why is a question on guides & tutorial and not in game help?).

If you are referring to legendary plane gate gear tuning reset:
If not,then please link the picture correctly by using [img] image URL.image format [./img] (without the period)
Or just post the plain image URL.
OP's screenshot. Guess the question got answered. ouo

[Image: TZt6Pi3.png]
[Image: Akuma_zps5f4d9d78.png]
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Moved to Game Help
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(08-27-2015, 07:31 PM)DankBum Wrote: OP's screenshot. Guess the question got answered. ouo

[Image: TZt6Pi3.png]

well then, thanks for the pic (not showing for me for some reason),and the question answer shall be the same as on the #2's spoiler:
Quote:" Plane Gate Tuning
- Plane Gate items that were temporarily allowed to tune due to an event now has been limited for tuning again."


In other words,there was an event from 8/20 to 8/27 allowing to use gear lubricant (quality randomizer/reset) and overclock equalizers (tuning reset) on legendary plane gate gears,since the event is over,no one is allowed to do that anymore.

Your best bet is to wait for another event (high unlikely to be anytime soon) or make another piece of the same gear legendary plane gate gear if your current one is that awful.
Ok thank's for information  Wink

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