(07-23-2015, 01:03 PM)Endgame Wrote: (Wanted to take a video instead, but Closers hates Bandicam and shuts down when you start recording now.....)

I just want to hug her.

The Korean from Chatango got 6 slots and recorded all actions:


(07-23-2015, 11:33 AM)Yaoi Wrote: I was hoping for Levia to be calm, cool, and deadly. Something which would've fit in Wolfdogs and separate her from Nata. Instead we get fanservice.

Same. To be honest, this design caught me off-guard. I was expecting her to look almost exactly like an evil version of Luka...
A mature, cool woman with not too many words to say.

Instead, she's...practically a female dog......
I don't say this out of offense, she literally killed several WD member just because she was ordered to...

I just hope her gameplay is entertaining. :/

(07-23-2015, 01:44 PM)Nova Wrote: I'm starting to get tired of this character archetype; the moe-moe with super strength's starting to get dull. Guan Yinping was enough. She better turn into an uncontrollable beast when she fights, or I'm calling utter bull.

Well there is still the strong possibility that she's yandere, so there's that.
No longer active
(07-23-2015, 11:33 AM)Yaoi Wrote: Eh, it's certainly not what I expected...

I'm pretty disappointed by her looks to say the least. Her hairstyle is weird and I don't get why they chose to make it white.  Then there's her god-awful fetish clothes, which is basically lingerie. Honestly she looks like some trashy beggar who lives on the street.

I also don't know why she has a horn on her forehead with a post-it note sticking out of it. I get that she's a dimensional, but it just looks hideous. Ash and Dust are dimensionals and they don't have that ugly horn either.

I was hoping for Levia to be calm, cool, and deadly. Something which would've fit in Wolfdogs and separate her from Nata. Instead we get fanservice.

Not going to even rant about the fact that her "scythe" looks more like a pickaxe.
^^^^^^^ this

A scythe character? Great! But why do they need to give her big boobs and skimpy clothing? We already have a big boobed character, why do we need an even bigger one? Also why make her all shy and moe~ when you could make her badass and mysterious. If you're gonna make her sexy at LEAST make her freakin badass.

Also, can we get a male equivalent of her? :^)
You guys are so mean.

I think her Teamwork Level bonus is going to be Phase Power Bonus Damage. Her accessory set bonus gives it and Movement Speed just like Nata's gives Back Attack Damage and Movement Speed. It also fits the theme of her being a Dimensional.

.....Time to give Seha a new bonus Naddic. 25 Physical and Magic Attack at level 50+ is pretty damn worthless compared to 3.5% Attack Speed, 4% Defense Ignore, and 4% Back Attack Damage.
Here,i know you want this endgame:
[Image: FileDownloader.aspx.gif]

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