*^ * Rinzie's Introduction * ^*
Heyo, I am Rinzie from the JP server. Not exactly big on forum posting, but I'm doing this to meet more English players in the same server.

My characters are at the moment are:

Chance (Striker)
Kuudere (Caster)
Rinzie (Lancer)

I also have a circle named Renegade, hoping to create a place where English players can gather. Well, I hope to see you guys ingame.

* ^*7
Welcome to Closers HQ! If you have any questions bout closers.....ummm .....

......ah go the guide that Casey made http://closershq.com/Discussion-Guide-Ti...ials-Index

A lot of us are playing the JP version right now so I hope we can see you ingame!

Welcome to the HQ!
If I don't do it....nobody else will.
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Welcome to the forum. Don't forget to check the rules

Also check our guides, translation, wiki, etc out if you want. Then hop on discord for dank memes and chit chats

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Don't forget to check out the wiki Big Grin
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