Running Closers on window 10
Before read this guide
please note that it depends on your computer
so, this guide may not working for your computer

what you need to prepare before start guide

CLOSERS folder (C:\NEXON\CLOSERS) [not window 10 version]
Closers set up file (CLOSERS.EXE, Z1, Z2 etc)
window 8.1 lower computer
and abit of your stams

1.upgrade your window to window 10
2.use closers setup file to install closers on window 10 computer the CLOSERS folder (not window 10 version) to window 10 version closers folder
4.use other windows computer to run regedit
5.on registry find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE then right click ANHLAB folder to extract or make reg.
6.bring reg to windows 10 and run
7. finger cross for working closers

hopefully this helps u guys :3
What if I installed the game while I'm already in Windows 10?
Im currently trying to run it and I cant find this folder in regedit =(

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