SGGUpdater ERROR:2001 XML
[Image: 182a9f7bec.png]
Anyone know how to fix? I just finished downloading the client from here.
This error show for me once too, but i just change VPN gate and everything was ok. You can always, try using diffrend internet brawslew (mozzila/Opera/Internet Explorer, etc.), or restart computer and use diffternt VPN gate then. This error show when internet brawsler cant dl some file, becouse it cant "read some something" (some file/font, etc). Ypu can search for XML file too and search where is error, or reinstal whole game/browsler but i dont recomand.

BTW: Game work before? If you change computer mayby you need some plugin, or something. try getting jap fonts. i known ppl which said game dont work correctly without it.
[Image: M6hHb59.jpg?1]
When happened to me, I had to close the gameguard.exe in the task manager, then restarted the game withouth even changing the VPN and it worked, but I had installed from the beta that tool the site uses.
Restarting the PC is good too, since the gameguard tends to **** up the system in this way, sadly.

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