Seha Lee Agent Exam
y0. I was wondering of someone here has completed the Agent Exam for Seha Lee.
Was it difficult?
When it was 40 run,yes it was.
The dungeon is difficult no matter what,party or grind (unless you are overgeared,and by overgeared i mean 8000 physical attack)
Just get your potions ready and if you have a VIP medal (the black thing given on mailboxs/events/maintenance compensation that gives you buffs for 24hour) it should make it easier.
Make sure you have appropriate gears before going further,like a +7 weapon and +5 modules.
I just did it.

It's pretty easy right now because all the Seulbis are scrambling to get their permanent outfits. Resulting in plenty of 3 Seulbi 1 Seha parties for me. And Seulbi is pretty much the best character in the cube since she has the best methods of stunlocking the enemies.

Just wait until everyone else clicks ready on the queue and make sure you're not the top left player. You do not want to be the leader because it'll mean Seha will be the boss and there will be Seulbis as normal enemies. Whereas a Seulbi leader will mean Seulbi will be the boss. The less Seulbis you fight, the better.

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