Seha Lee Job Advancement
Its been confirmed guys u need to be 40+ for sehas second job (qq lvl 33 :C) so if u wnna second job u will most liekly be in the 4th area by the time u get to 40 ;U Gl guys Big Grin

Quest Involves
  • Must be Level 41+
  • 6 upgrade quests from NPCs in G Tower Rooftop
After Completing Quest
  • New Skills will be unlocked after job advance
  • New Skill Cubes will also be sold (Advanced or Expert Level). 
  • Full agent Staff costume will also be given (Permanent, Untradeable, Unsellable). 
  • Seha Official Agent can be selected in PvP

Source: Eng CloserS Facebook page:
[Image: WyY2kGE.jpg]
Seha: lvl 62 Misteltein:62 Seulbi:44 Yuri:50 J:62 Nata: 58 Revia:59 Harpy:48
Yea,website says Lv41 i guess....?
Im curious about the quest's difficulty.
Oh god 4th area...

*gets ready for Seulbi's 2nd job*
[Image: FVUJPdb.gif]
(12-30-2014, 12:54 PM)Person Wrote: Yea,website says Lv41 i guess....?
Im curious about the quest's difficulty.

Talked to Je Hae Gwon today on closers, he said it will take around 3days to finish the quest... I'm like wot. Hopefully it doesn't :c
[Image: HmiLowr.jpg]
Thats...scary and sad at the same time ;C!!!!
[Image: HmiLowr.jpg]
Moving to Seha Section, also adding Kleine's information about job change to OP.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
So the promo is permanent @[email protected]
Brb holding the hype....
Inb4 the RNG (If any) Makes the quest living hell
About that,is there any NX way to prom up? Not as if im gonna use it but you know..

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