Seha Lee Job Advancement
Has anyone even hit level 41 yet?

I've seen a few level 40s and my Seulbi should hit 40 with today's Stamina, but..... is anyone even that high yet?
They'll probably be Lv41 today.
(12-30-2014, 02:57 PM)Person Wrote: About that,is there any NX way to prom up? Not as if im gonna use it but you know..

I haven't seen them in the Union Store, unless I'm looking in the wrong area.
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41 eh.

What an odd number, alright then.

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Now i'm scared
I tried it out in PVP against AI.

His A and S are great for hit and run attacks. But they launch so I'm not sure how good they'll be in PVE.....
so i heard it takes 3 days to finish the 2nd promotion quest
Three days' worth of stamina. Wow.

Brace yourselves, fellow JA'ers.


Here is the reason why the jobchange takes so long. In the beginning the quest counter is at 15/40 , after Je Hae Gwon finished the dungeon it's 16/40. So this quest will probably take you a while to finish haha
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Which town do u start the first part of the job change quest?

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