Seha's gunblade name?
I just said it...its a cap gun o.o
The one they use for starting a race?

Just like a revolver, its self priming so you can continually shoot 8 times before going black.
I will make a video of the test run if I got the time O3O
do the Finishing Move Incinerating Storm Burst Blade in your video later.

More like I can't even shoot it properly TwT
Where'd you get the jacket? I want that jacket. I'd wear it anywhere.
Commissioned it from someone o.o
no blue explosion..... Sad
You're not wearing that to Henshincon, are you?
Its just a test if the gun mechanism actually works. Making huge explosion is just a matter of mixing them gunpowders O3O

I still have no idea how to make blue powder?

My current strategy is just using a high powered blue LED near the nozzle to light up the residual smoke giving the illusion of blue blast. Though dunno if its noticeable when you swing your sword fast doing storm burst blade.

Any suggestions?
Bursts of air + blue LED is probably your best bet. Although if you really want to shoot out blue fire, there's this.
It has to be in the convention standards so no fire allowed.

I am already borderlined illegal by using cap gun

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