Seha's plain gate item setting
first item sets

5 pieces of justice seeker(upgrade to highest level by making tool 
(under seal - normal - shiny - justice seeker's highest level.)
(2 module, 3 shields)
1 perfect strike booster
(1 module, early - normal - shiny - perfect)
3 pieces of Sophisticated Malays set.
(3 shields, you have to upgrade these shields 2 times.)
1 perfect medusa killer
(normal - shiny - perfect)

this is normal setting at the plain gate, you have to get more item. so it need to next item.

second item sets

1 perfect strike engine(you have to upgrade it by early - normal - shiny - perfect)
1 G tower practice program shield(you have to upgrade it to elite shield.)

so now item is 
perfect medusa killer for weapon

1 justice seeker booster, perfect strike engine and booster for modules.

and G tower practice program shield(elite) and sophisticated malays set with two pieces of justice seeker set.

now there is last item set for seha.

3 disaster set pieces(1 module and 2 shields.)
1 perfect blaze booster. 
1 justice seeker booster(if you don't want to use this, than just use 4 disaster pieces.

for weapon. 

slayer sword or flame hammer at the Lambskeeper legendary weapon or edge of flame.


if you're not using justice seeker sets. just get some piece of Outside dimension shields. 

if you're using justice seeker sets, just use justice seeker ring and amulet.
3 pieces of night demon of charm set.
with G tower practice program shield(elite)

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