Seulbi Builds
What skills do you other Seulbi users prioritize and use?
What do you consider good skills and bad skills?
If you could change certain skills how would you?

I only use five skills (Not counting the Forced Cancel, Emergency Evasion, and Release Psychic Power)

Flame Storm, Charged Cluster, Reversion, Bus Bombing, and Rail Cannon.

[Image: 2gwgjsw.jpg]
Striker: Lv. 42 | Caster: Lv. 52 | Ranger: Lv. 45
Fighter: Lv. 38
| Lancer: Lv. 39
Hunter: Lv. 39 | Witch: Lv. 24 |Rogue: Lv. 43 
Arms: Lv. 51
I use all of the skills, but the one skill I was iffy with was Electronic Storm. Mainly because when I tried it out back in the Pre-OBT, it did crap for damage.

Right now, I'm concerned with using Blade of Discipline, since one of OA Seulbi skills is better for ranged combat, and the Seulbi guide thread mentions that it does weak damage. While I'm fine with getting rid of it, I'm wondering if taking out skill points deletes the skill notes placed on it.
Just going to point out right now that Telekinetic Barrier does an absurd amount of damage on bosses (16*240~%) so you should really really use it. It gives defense too so why not?

Anyhow, yeah, Discipline Blade is bad. It should be dropped the moment you get OA or even Intern.

@Nova No, skill cubes do not get deleted when lowering a skill. If you level them again afterwards, the cubes will still be there.

As for what skills I prioritize personally?
Both ultimates
Tele Barrier
Grav Field
Electronic Storm
Flame Storm

In that order.
Teleia - Level 70 Caster
무한의Hope - Level 61 Witch
Account ID: EDream
(01-24-2015, 01:56 AM)EternalDream Wrote: Just going to point out right now that Telekinetic Barrier does an absurd amount of damage on bosses (16*240~%) so you should really really use it. It gives defense too so why not?

Is the Telekinetic Barrier that good? I only keep it Lv6.
I don't understand when its damage goes off. Sometimes it goes off after a few hits, sometimes more.

As for me, currently I prioritize the active skills in this order: (not counting the three essential skills)
Flame Storm
Gravitational Field Lv9
Charged Cluster Lv9
Discipline Blade Lv9
Telekinetic Barrier Lv6

Normal attack
Magical Critical Damage

Since I still don't know which active skills I want to continue upgrading, I maxed Mag Crit Dmg for now...

KR (retired)

Playing the Taiwanese (TW) version, and casually playing the NA version.
Telekinetic Barrier wears off faster if the shield is hitting more than one enemy. That's why it's best used when there's only one target left.

I left mine at Lv 9 because I like the float time it gives me while setting up the second layer in the air.

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