Seulbi and Yuri need better self (Namely Crit) buffs.
Seulbi and Yuri fall behind everyone else at higher levels of gear. Unfortunate, but true. There is the inherent problem of most of Seulbi's power being condensed into her FMs and Yuri being held back by being a hybrid character and needing to stack both Physical AND Magic stats. AND Naddic gives her gear lower modifiers. Both on hybrid gear and even costumes. (While everyone else gets 2% both Atks/Critical Hit Rate on 1 Star costume weapons, she only gets 1.2%.)

However, there is something that everyone else gets that they do not: Better self buffs in general. Or more to the point, buffs to Critical Hit Rate and Critical Hit Damage.

CHR and CHD are the biggest boosts to damage in any game which you can stack them. However, Yuri only gets a CHR boost to Yuri Quick Draw! and Seulbi gets none whatsoever, while everyone else.....

Seha: Phase Focus Blade grants both CHR and CHD. And Attack Speed. AND it charges the Phase Power gage. AND he gets Defense Ignore attacks! While everyone else might want to get some of the Defense Ignore stat, (Poor Yuri needing to get BOTH.) Seha can just focus on more CHC and CHD instead. Even when you hit the point where his PFB CHC bonus gets hit hard by diminishing returns, you can just start stacking Aerial + Back Attack CHC and possibly hit that 100% Crit Rate while ignoring all Physical Defense! Yay!

J: Golden Time Again gives massive boosts to CHD. Both CHDs, even. (Could Hybrid J be a thing? I think I'll experiment with that when NA gets released.) The skill also has the benefit of having a lower cooldown time with each level. Just get the cooldown time lower than 25 seconds and.....

Misteltein: CHC and CHD from Follow Me! Also affects party members within range. (Not that it matters in solo play, which is more efficient due to the current state of enemy HP scaling with bigger parties.) Gets a bonus 10% CHC buff from Ragnarok that is only for himself. Also gets Defense debuffs and Atk buffs from spear auras.

Nata: Stacking buff gives Back Attack Damage and Critical Hit Rate. Up to 10%. Fairly easy to maintain for most of any boss battle. And he certainly has the tools to quickly get behind anyone for those bonuses to take effect. (Including a skill that is ALWAYS Back Attack damage at Master rank.) He also gets to apply a Physical Defense debuff on enemies on top of this.

Levia: A passive +30% CHD. AND Awakening gives her CHR and CHD boosts! And she can keep it up forever thanks to a buff skill that only has 1 second of downtime that charges Phase Power and also gives her Magic Defense Ignore. Also gets an equivalent Magic Defense debuff to Nata's.

.....All Seulbi really gets in self-buffs is a defense buff that deals some damage to nearby enemies during the duration. And Yuri gets a temporary 5% Both Atk buff after Yuri Special. (The hybrid potions gives 7%.) They can stack the stats from gear like anyone else, but everyone else will still have the advantage because they get more from self-buffs.

There are other solutions to Seulbi and Yuri's problems. But I do think the most prevailant one is that everyone else gets to give themselves significant Critical Hit buffs while they don't.
Arbitrary notes:
  • Honestly Ragnarok buff doesn't matter that much, with such a low duration when you have to lay spears
  • Nata has 3 Skills that are 100% back at master
  • Levia is up to 50%, though you do need much higher Phase Power Release level

My opinion on the matter:
For sure.

Better Yuri/Seulbi buffs (I mean that in both ways) are mandatory.
Yuri has a crippling character passive, and to this day Seulbi still doesn't have a grab (why?).

I honestly think the only thing Seulbi really needs are much, much higher multipliers.
She is Caster, she is supposed to run and burst, yet her DPS is mediocre unless you melee?

Giving her a critical buff is...
Well, the weapon generally used on Seulbi is Lantern, which is over +40% crit damage; and she has barely any penalty from it.
It would be great to give her a critical rate buff and much higher skill multiplier. for Yuri, she has so many fking problems that I don't even wanna list them all.
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