Seulbi rage
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I was just making up a story about this while I was in bed.

Minus the silliness, of course.

...they understand how she feels.
just lol
" I tried making cool expression in a while and now my innards "

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I feel exactly like Seulbi. She's my main and I feel so bad for her. :(

They should respect the release list they made. ;_;
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So Eve Seulbi has feelings!?

Minus her attitude towards Seha
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Being Seulbi is suffering.

Also, I'd like to point out that the hardworker who's been training since childhood is getting the shaft in favor of a talented but lazy gamer and a person who grew up a normie but got her phase powers just recently.

Nice lesson you're teaching here, Naddic.
wai Naddic, wai u do dis to Seulbi.... :<
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