Seulbi rage
(01-21-2015, 11:40 PM)Nova Wrote: Being Seulbi is suffering.

Also, I'd like to point out that the hardworker who's been training since childhood is getting the shaft in favor of a talented but lazy gamer and a person who grew up a normie but got her phase powers just recently.

Nice lesson you're teaching here, Naddic.

i can't even refute this, Naddic, why are you releasing Yuri before seulbi!!! she is the only char i have qualified for OA damn it.
Thanks for the translations, it's kind of sad to read this actually. Well, her OA will come soon though ^^ .
i've been checking the event page like Seulbi lol, but i'm just interested in seeing another suit design.

i didnt think about it before this thread, so it is an interesting thought that she got hers last (of the three). maybe it's a secret-leader-training kind of thing. they're testing her mental endurance!

it also makes me happy to see naddic include misteltein in all these extra stuff even though he's not technically "released" yet. <3 bless them

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