Seulbi's boss stomp!
Stats: [Image: 5HIiQo7.png]

Seulbs got a new revamp? Let's stomp some bosses! (And barely edge out against Vites and Mephisto. They refuse to just roll over and die. Jerks.)


-A Mephisto Very Hard video where I don't die.


Viking Bot:

Troll Lord (Video cut off at the end because the ingame recorder stops recording when FPS gets too low, which it did when he dropped items. LET US USE BANDICAM AGAIN NADDIC!):

Nightmare Astaroth:


The gameplay looks waaaaaaaaaaay smoother than before revamp.

Also, did you just cancel astaroth's FM with FM3?

(I tried that before airport revamp using Master FM3 seha & awakening, couldn't cancel him still O_O)

And looks like you figured out how to pull the bus xP!
Updated with Vites in all his annoying constantly dodging glory.

Still pending: A run where that jerk Mephisto doesn't kill me.

(11-02-2015, 03:39 PM)Person Wrote: Also, did you just cancel astaroth's FM with FM3?

Yeah, I was surprised at that one too. I haven't been able to pull it off again though.

Edit: Finally got that Mephisto video!


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