Skills and Equip for Tein?
So, I wanted to slowly start playing Misteltein now and since there are probably manny pro-gamers out there I wanted to know what would be best for this character. So any sort of Builds for Skills, Stats and Equipment would really help me =3
I use whips with him because he has lots of multi-attack skills and Ragnarok gives a temporary +10% crit rate buff, meaning he'll at least have 20% crit rates.

Go magic attack modules. 30% of his magic attack gets added to physical attack, and he only has two physical skills. (Which can both be left at level 9 since they're mostly utility skills anyway.)

For skills, I am using everything except Lance Cruising. Lance Charging and Tornado are left at level 9 for the Master ranks. (They're mostly used for mob gathering and aerial mobility for avoiding attacks like Hecatoncheires' electricity attack.) I put all SP available into Normal Attack Training and Max HP when available and just 1 level of Magic Crit for the passives.

At level 45, this build gives my Misteltein the highest available levels of all the other skills and maxed Forced Cancel.
Wait, why don't you use Lance Cruising? On the ground, lackluster sure, but the damage pretty much doubles when you use it in the air and has quite an absurd range. Even with just my +7 lvl40 Whip, I one shot non-champion mobs with a single use in VH Area 4 (solo), even the bulky ones. It does so much damage I'm surprised every patch it is not nerfed.

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