Skills bug?
So I've noticed that sometimes, the skills you use bug out and can't be used after they're supposed to have cooled down. As in, their icons are grayed out and I can't seem to make them usable again. They stay grayed out until I exit the dungeon or die.

Anyone know what causes this and how to avoid it? It's making runs much harder than they should be because it either locks out an attack so I can't do damage properly, or even lock my backstep so I can't avoid.
To my knowledge it can be caused if your skill gets canceled and especially if you get hit during the start of the animation/cooldown.

The glitch exist since they made skills unavailable once you get past the clear screen on a dungeon, its pretty annoying and i hope they fix it soon..

Yeah its not funny when your focus blade/blade of pulverization/force cancel/dodge gets locked in a 60wave 15min long dungeon.

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