Slash [スラッシュ] Implementation Commemorative Event
[Image: 620x232_banner_event.jpg]

During the event, there will drop Fragments of Slash's Dual Blades from boss in dungeons. These items can also be equipped to other characters other than Slash. For each item only can be produced once per account. Each L.gear will need 45 Fragments of Slash's Dual Blades.

 Choker of Wolfdog and Arm Pouch of Wolfdog

 [Image: choker_i.png] + [Image: pouch_i.png]
  [Image: choker_pouch_s.png]

 Dual Blades of Wolfdog

  [Image: dualblade_i.png]
  [Image: dualblade_s.png]

please note
※ L. gear available in this event can't be traded, sold, decomposed, tuned, upgraded. However it can be moved to shared storage.
※ After the event end of the period will not be able to carry out the production of the event item.
※ "Fragments of Slash's Dual Blades" will be removed after the event end of the period.

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