Snow Christmas!
[Image: bnr00223.jpg]
Event Period : 2015/12/8 ~ 2015/12/28

login during event period, you'll get 「スノーマンBOX」 (Snowman BOX)
                                                                                       [Image: snowmanbox.png]
inside the box there's 2 types of L.gear with the duration of 15 days,
you'll get a random one between
スノーマンマスク[A] (Snowman Mask A) / スノーマンマスク[B] (Snowman Mask B)
                        [Image: snowmanmaskA.png]                                                      [Image: snowmanmaskB.png]

※ will be distributed to the character you first log in during the event period.
Snowman BOX is possible to be put into shared storage.
Snowman Mask from the time you open the Snowman BOX, expiry will start when you open the box, and belongs to the character that open it.

by collecting 「スノーマンの帽子」(Snowman Hat) , you can craft the Snowman Mask Permanent) L.gear
                                                  [Image: snowmanhat.png]
once a day, when you log in to the game there will be a mail with the content of Snowman Hat, collect 10 of them and you can make 1 of the Snowman Mask (Permanent) L.gear
※ one mail per account daily, the Snowman Hat will be distributed to the first logged character.
Snowman Hat is possible to be put into shared storage.

During the event, 「氷の結晶」 (Ice Crystals) can be acquired from dungeons, collect 50 pieces, to make 「アイシクルウェポン」(Icicle Weapon) L.gear
[Image: haruto_weapon.png][Image: mikoto_weapon.png][Image: yuri_weapon.png]
[Image: J_weapon.png][Image: mis_weapon.png]

only can craft each type of weapon once in an account

How to obtain the Ice Crystal:
  • EDM
  • Plane Gate
other dungeons also drop the Ice Crystal but the drop rate is not 100%

please note:
※ Snowman Mask, Icicle Weapon can't be traded, sold, dismantle, tuning. It can be put into shared storage.
※ after the end of the event period, you will not be able to craft Snowman Mask and Icicle Weapon.
※ after the end of the event period Snowman Box, Snowman Mask (15 days), Snowman Hat, Ice Crystal will be removed.
※ events are subject to change without notice.

translation might be wrong
it's help a lot!
thanks for translating!

*now it makes sense  why i don't get ice crystals even thought i spent my hours to do PvEs...
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