So Closers animation is going to be a thing...

It's with Elsword and Ar:piel.

It's gonna be made by Koreans, which is a first... (it's gonna actually go over the actual game's story which is also a first)
My only worry is that there won't be a sub team for it :C

Seriously, Elsword is the most popular out of all three and there are only like 3 well known translators for Elsword. x_x

I honestly have to wonder if anyone will even be able to get the raw episodes
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I'm a bit skeptical of this one, because all I've seen of Korean animation that is made for Koreans instead of work being outsourced to them or a high budget animated trailer/Maple Story's high budget animated cutscenes..... isn't very good. Most of it has been cheap CGI shorts. And then there's Larva, the least said about that abomination the better.

Getting the raws will probably be the easiest part. They'll probably be streamed on the internet like most shows are in the west these days. The fansubs will definitely be the most difficult part.
Ouch, hoped until this news that they'll make Sega do the anime, guess I'll lower my expectations of Closers anime now Sad

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