So does Naddic LIKE grinding?
I was hoping that once Area 5 would come out Naddic would tone down the grind or modify the exp tables. I assumed that they made the game grindy because players would burn through 4 areas too fast. After all, getting 3~4% exp in a dungeon that's already difficult with each mob having 7 bars of health seems a little too much, no?

Well they didn't, and the grind became even worse.

I've been getting 2~3% exp per run. Like, what the hell. And I have to slug through these 4 rehashed dungeons until I'm level 53? Isn't that a little ridiculous? Especially with how limiting this game's stamina system is? This isn't fun, this isn't rewarding me with a sense of progress. It's tedious and a chore, especially when even individual mobs have monstrous health bars. Not to mention quests give less than 1% exp, which is just nonsense. Then there's the fact that this grind discourages me from even trying other characters considering I'd be having to grind all over again.

Maybe it's because I'm playing Yuri or whatever, but I can't see myself playing this game for much longer if Naddic's not going to do anything to actually fix the broken pacing of this game.
Naddic is indeed making plenty of questionable decisions with the game that they didn't make with their other game before they abandoned it. Making the grind so long when kMMOs in general have been moving away from massive EXP tables and focusing more on farming at the accessable level cap is indeed one of them.

.....Which leads me to question what their intentions are. And if Nexon is doing some meddling in the background. And more importantly, how this could bode for international releases if they even last long enough to go international.

Edit: Oh god. I just got to the Very Hard versions. 12 minutes in a group of 4 for only 65k EXP (2% at 48.) and no real benefits over Hard. Not to mention everything has too much god damn HP and it's just plain boring.

What the hell WAS Naddic thinking?!
I have two theories:
1) The grind's a pitiful attempt to lengthen the playtime of people, considering the game's just new and there isn't that much content to work with despite the long story.

2) Naddic didn't get the memo.
while grinding i make millionth, so dont really care.

kleisis, the guy who can flawlessly run 4-9 VH without taking a single hit, is barely able to solo 5-4 VH, and when he does, it takes almost 20 minutes.

The difficulty (AKA 30 bar minibosses who chunk a quarter of your health in one hit) is really starting to get out of hand here, at least make running the dungeon REWARDING. Kleisis barely got any XP from that run.

Between that video of one of our most skilled and geared players going through hell for so little in return, and the fact that I just spent 10 minutes on a 4 man 5-3 Hard run for only 2% EXP at level 49..... (Out of 53!)

Maybe it's time to take a break on my Seulbi until they fix the god damn EXP tables and work on my alts. (Mistel's coming soon!) Only got two days left to try to get the OA outfit on my Yuri after all. (7/40)

I don't want to let the second compensation box go to waste though. But I got three days to use it.
of course they do! dem sadists owo <3
[Image: apPbg0f.gif]
They try to expand the game's playtime in the wrong way
No one likes grinding
Farming on the other hand...
Exactly. kMMOs (other than Maple Story, which went down the absolute pay2win route) have moved on from long grinds to the level cap to accessable level caps that anyone can reasonably reach but endgame content that involves lots of farming. Or daily quests that involve running earlier stages. Or SOMETHING.

At the very least, they should make all the secret stages worth running at the level cap so people will do those daily and not just for the OA quests.

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