So how do you feel about the current state of PVE class balance?
Pesonally, I think Naddic is doing a good job at giving everyone their defined roles and letting them be good at them while giving them some flaws.

Seha is the physical powerhouse. He has combos and lots of defense ignoring damage. However, many of his things make him party unfriendly.

Yuri is the fast ranged attacker. Very mobile. Good at hit and run attacks although lacking in AoE.

Seulbi is the caster. She excells in constant skill use and AoE although she lacks in combo potential compared to everyone else.

And J is the brawler. He's more durable with HP recovery options and has the super armor frames and interrupts to keep up the assault even on enemies that are able to fight back while attacked. Although he lacks in ranged attacks.

.....However, I personally feel that Seha is a little too good at his job compared to everyone else. He really does have it all: The air combos that most enemies and even bosses can't fight back when caught in. The defense ignoring explosions. The self-buff that extends his hit box in addition to other benefits. Not to mention he also has the utility skills like Shockwave for gathering enemies and Point Blank Strike even gives him a grab skill that doubles as a launch.

And to be perfectly honest, I'm not sure if it would be better (for the health of the game) to buff everyone else up to his level or to nerf him down. Since he has such a varied kit, should he be the traditional average in all areas 'main character' like Mario tends to be? (With Misteltein taking up the raw damage dealer role maybe?) Or should they rework everyone else's skills to bring them up in terms of overall performance?

Eh, this is just how I feel. How does everyone else feel?
The main issue I normally have with partying with Seha is that he works too well solo. Bursting Blade makes him go everywhere too much so it's hard to telegraph where his targets are going to land for a follow-up. Meanwhile, Meteor Blade can miss in an ultimate wave spam since the first smack is pretty much hitscan despite the wind-up. I've gotten quite a few accidents where when we all fire off all our ultimates at once, the one that usually misses is Seha. Helps that I don't have a properly leveled Seha so I don't know how he controls.

I don't have issues with everyone else. Yuri does a good job dealing damage since all she deals both physical and magical, plus Yuri Star and Yuri Quick Draw are pretty reliable AoE tools.

Seulbi has issues with damage, but she can compensate by the fact that a lot of her skills have great utility. Area of effect spells, as well as spatial control make her a very satisfying character to use. Not to mention that her lack of combos also give her some pretty unique options, such as a way to poke and generate bits from a distance, as well as increased airtime, which can be a life-saving thing in certain situations.

J, I have don't have much of an opinion on. His mechanics are interesting and risky, but I do like how he pretty much holds people in place so that others can get free hits in. In a way, his contribution in a party run is very unique.
I feel the same way too.

Both J and Seulbi are tied up in my opinion. They both have their utilities. Seulbi is a glass canoon and so is J. While she relies on her mana management, he relies on his HP management. Both of them deals a very high damage, if you ask me, something I can't do with Yuri or Seha. Bad point: use all you have, then run, run, run, use pots, run, run, run, restart.

Yuri is fragile? Yes, she is, but so far she's the one with most hit and run mechanics. If you get hit, it's not because she's weak, it's because you suck. Hard. Hella hard.

Now, Seha, is on another level... not because of the true damage, not because Naddic tried to make him the biggest thing right now (Seulbi is the only one goddess and leader in this game, put your **** together, Naddic), giving him all the resources he needs to hit and run, to kill waves and waves, to mob control, to play on air... If there's something on him that needs a nerf, is the damage of his skills. It makes no sense to have a warrior-like character dancing on air like he don't care about gravity and stuff.

tl;dr: naddic plz, deliver. naddic plz, nerf seha's % in damage and it's all good.
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Quote: It makes no sense to have a warrior-like character dancing on air like he don't care about gravity and stuff.
B-but muh kirito lookalike
muh gamer MC that I can relate to
Seha > Seulbi > J > Yuri imo

Seha has ridiculous damage and air combos, and his flaw of being melee is nullified with the amount of utility he has, one example being Phase Focus Blade, which is just broken.
Seulbi is behind Seha because of her AoE. She has so many skills perfect for mobbing and bossing that her lack of combos is alleviated with the amount of skills she can pump out. Press a button and then all your enemies are grouped in a single place for you. Press another button and you just cleared the area.
J has no range and AoE. I consider him better than Yuri though because he's tanky, isn't limited by mana, and can heal himself repeatedly.
Yuri's fast, but that's really it. Sure she has damage, but Seha outclasses her in that department. Her range isn't great either because she has to go in and risk herself, despite being squishy.
So, it might be a little too early to call, but.....

I think Misteltein might have dethroned Seha.

Not only does he also have the raw damage, not only does he also have air combo potential, not only does he have grabs (Seha only gets his after OA. Misteltein gets his as his third skill) and herding skills, he also has something no one else does: Party buffs.

Kid's a monster.
TL;DR: Seha isn't that great. @^ Yes, Tein broken...aside from that, Naddic did good job balancing.

Imo, Seha isn't that good.
Yes, he's got that damage going for him, but that's pretty much it.
He also lacks a large burst AoE and high-ranged attacks, so he has to gather mobs (unlike Yuri).
Though, his mob gathering ability is mediocre at best (compared to Seulbi).
And since almost all of his DPS comes straight out of his ultimates (due to lowest cooldowns in the game for FM), MP management is a bit difficult. (I mean, you could tell me to just do actives to save MP but then Seha would be beaten at DPS by Yuri's monster multipliers)

The reason I say Seha isn't that good is mostly because there is no way in a million years any Seha can tear through maps as fast as Seulbi.

As for mobbing:
  • Shockwave - Gathering ability is mediocre, it only gives you just barely enough to nuke. Though sometimes, the pulling wave even MISSES. (Godda*n snakes)
  • Phase Focus Blade - Shockwave + PFB is an amazing combo for gathering. Only problem? High cooldown. (Naddic, why do you deny me of PFB on 24/7?)
  • Point Blank Strike - Can easily fail + has high cooldown. If you mess up, GGWP

If I had to rank the characters based on DPS/Clear Time, it would probably be:
  1. Tein, obviously. I went in EDM with 4 Teins and each map was cleared in 30 seconds or less......AND THIS WAS WITH A LAGGY HOST
  2. Seulbi
  3. Seha & Yuri
  4. J

Why is Seulbi higher in rank than Seha?
Yes, Seha's damage is monstrous due to True Damage.
But Seulbi's DoT is pretty scary, too...
Obviously, Seulbi can't outdamage Seha, but her ability to tear through rooms will definitely save her more time.
Not to mention MP management isn't even a problem for her anymore, and her Finishing Moves got buffed in damage.
Bit system to increase DPS/decrease magic resistance/armor crash is pretty f**king scary too...
She's also a GODSEND to EVERY PARTY due to WORMHOLE (bless the queen)

Why is Yuri tied with Seha?
Due to a recent Special Passive change, Yuri's gear isn't complete trash anymore.
In fact, due to the change, Yuri can most likely get critical damage %'s higher than ANYONE ELSE. (Maybe. I'm still not 100% sure how the passive works. @[email protected])
Pair that with her monster range and skill multipliers, gg

Also I don't think Yuri lacks AoE...Cross Slash and Full Magazine have pretty good range, plus Yuri Star's cooldown ties with Seha's low cooldowns.

Why is J all the way down there?
Let me make this clear, just because he's on the bottom doesn't mean he sucks.
But...let's be honest, the only thing going for J is his ultimate combo's DPS and it's not even that good TT_TT
His mobbing capability is amazing due to Gem and Calcium, but that's it...
Ocher can definitely grab too but you can only get so far with Ocher... (literally, not metaphorically)

So what do I think?
Like you said, all the characters have their individual roles, so I really think naddic did an amazing job with balancing all the characters.
And I definitely don't think Seha is game breaking. (Would've been nice, though~ Hnnng~ My tsundere princess prince~)

Tein could probably be nerfed a little to keep the balance...(though I don't really want that, Tein is f***ing amazing)

J is fine as he is. The reason he was at the bottom of that list was because this was a list compiled based on DPS/Clear Time.
J has his own niche as the dude who gropes grabs monsters intensely, which is pretty OP...
Also, he lacks a quick & easy mobbing skill, but he can definitely manage mobs very well.
J is also an amazing tanking class, so he can gain awakening pretty quickly.
His multipliers are pretty good too, so he can make up for his lack of quick and easy cleaning by mauling everything after awakening.

Edit: Level 32 Tein right now.
...he's starting to seem pretty weak.

Call me crazy, but Seulbi's starting to look like the broken character now
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Hmm, Misteltein does have a weakness it seems.

He can really burn through MP, but his mana generation isn't nearly as good as the other three (Or even J's HP recovery.) due to the nature of his ZZZ<> combo and rhe focus on magic attack while ZZZ<> is physical.

I swear, I don't have to use MP potions going all out on everyone else..... but at least throwing a spear (cycling between fire and lightning depending on cooldown times) and detonating them while ZZZ<>ing enemies down on top of the AoE is strong enough to clear through normal stages in a timely manner. And the two physical skills have low enough MP costs at level 9 (for Master rank) for cheap utility.

Four spear explosions are godly though. Although they cost about as much as an ultimate to set up. (Not to mention party members not ruining your positioning.)
I still think he feels too easy to use, for a 3 star character. Hell, with his damage output, he feels more like a 1 star.
All class is OP with +10 core Cool
dont need to think too hard

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