So the OA cube dungeon...
And I guess 4th area bosses in general seem pretty...poorly designed. Not in an artistic way, in a mechanic way. A fight isn't magically difficult and challenging because the boss can counter you whenever it wants. It's like playing dodgeball while tied to a chair; it's not difficult, you just literally can't.

The OA cube dungeon itself isn't hard. The only attack the OA Seha clone has hit me with successfully is the grab that he can do from halfway across the universe.

Just wondering if anyone else thought this, I guess? Dunno.
i think out of all the dungeons, i like 4th area best, cuz it like impossible level. but design i think i like 2nd or 3rd or 1st better than 4th. But then im into characters and NPC design more than monster.
The cube dungeon is BS in general. Random counters which lead to getting caught and 1HKOd
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(01-27-2015, 05:04 AM)Casey Wrote: The cube dungeon is BS in general. Random counters which lead to getting caught and 1HKOd

Srs tho. It doesn't help that they have dumb "cooldowns," assuming they have any. A Yuri clone did the same finishing move three times within the span of a few seconds once. It was terrible.

Couple that with the fact that the mission itself is really weird. You figure, if you're doing the OA Seha mission, you'd fight three Sehas; Training, Agent, OA. (I don't even remember what the official names are.) Why do we fight like 3 waves of non-Seha clones.
Considering the lack of KD outside of normal moves and a few skills (all of which you can catch anyway) and the heavy skill spam this game relies on, that is the only way to make the bosses challenging at all I'm afraid, else you'd just hitstun them from full HP to death.

Annoying or not, it's for the best.
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