So what do you think S2 is going to include?
We know we're getting our airport next week. And we just got Achievements and Titles. But could we see anything else that they promised us months ago?

There's also some datamined stuff that we still haven't seen that appears Plane Gate related instead of terrorist related.

And what of the International Airport its self? I think it's clear that they still intend on Plane Gate being the endgame area, as they just released Vites and Mephisto. (And their massive resource sink that is farming for legendary PNA strains.) Something tells me the level cap will only go up to 60, as high as Stage 8 Plane Gate stages. (Can't let us get a level advantage over the new raid bosses after they JUST came out!) Will those of us who've been farming Plane Gate for months get much value out of the area beyond steamrolling Area 5 for the SP Books from the Story Quests? Maybe something to grind for from the bonus stage at least?

I do find it odd that they've released Plane Gate first then released Area 5 if this is the case. (Although it's going to take forever to get those Legendary Cooldown Reduction PNA strains.....)

There's also that mysterious Special Agent rank in the datamined files. Could that be coming soon? We will be running out of skills to put SP into, with our Trainee skills finally getting capped out pretty soon. (Especially since we've been getting tons of SP from PNA and Plane Gate quests.)
My expectations:

Since its naddic,we'll be getting nothing but airport area & few dungeons on it.

Also,plane gate will forever be "max level zone"
[Image: 4ff804a8325d96d935096be0f741962f.png]

However,if they really want the game to be alive again/not boring once you reach max level/finish your gears,they can at least start by giving a daily reward for AoS PVP,since obviously asking for 1vs1 on closers is too much.

As for cooldown PNAs,it is possible to max cooldown with just blue quality PNAs (and they are cheap now) so,legendary CDr PNAs are only necessary if you don't have 3* 5/5 set or a weapon with CDr built in or no CDr tuning,i guess..

On a side note,Vites/Vitesse is supposed to be playable in AoS,and maid costume datas were on the game's files 7months before they get released.............................. oookaaaaaaaaay.....

And,S2 update is rumored to be on 10/08.
Max CDR? As in, it has a hard cap?
(09-27-2015, 01:31 PM)Endgame Wrote: Max CDR? As in, it has a hard cap?

40%,above that your skill's cooldown won't change.

And,apparently J's FM2 is an exception or bugged,since above 40% CDr can still affect it for some reason (everything else doesn't).

And,25%~ or less with skill option cubes is enough,remember that having 40% CDr makes the 15% CDr talisman (blue) useless..
I've just verified it myself on my Misteltein. Had 41% with a talisman, was 40.something after unequipping a module. The cooldown times for everything except March of Valhalla were the same.

I believe Golden Time Again and March of Valhalla are the exceptions because their cooldowns decrease with each level. So they behave differently.

I'm going to make a perma-March of Valhalla build!
(10-03-2015, 04:14 PM)Endgame Wrote: I'm going to make a perma-March of Valhalla build!

Oh god...first perma-Golden time again,and now this????

P.S:Heard rumors about new costume,so you can add that on next week's update :/
I hope we get that PvP revamp NADDIC promised a few months ago. @[email protected]
[Image: Aiip38z.png]
[Image: XGSp9Zs.jpg]
The girls behind Irina are the Wolfdogs' antagonists for Area 5. Just completed the Black Lambs' Story Quests and neither of them showed up.

(61 at 37% to 62, only used the one double EXP potion given by a quest, starting from 58 by the way.)
(10-09-2015, 12:52 AM)Endgame Wrote: The girls behind Irina are the Wolfdogs' antagonists for Area 5. Just completed the Black Lambs' Story Quests and neither of them showed up.

Well,we can never be so sure,since there's 2girls that black lambs didn't have the opportunity to fight against,maybe they still fight the same bosses after all but one boss per map/area?

That would make sense if season 2 will have 3 maps only, (seeing how S1 had 4,with GGV having 6dungeons only as well).

Or they might be fighting the same bosses but in different order... (ie: irina for wolfdogs on 2nd map)
Well, there is this one terrorist leader who is prominent in the Story Quests (Irina makes her first appearance killing police officers when they try to take him in.) that could possibly be replaced in the Wolfdogs' storyline as well. (The last quest where you fight him has the camera zoom in on his death animation.)

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