SoD set required for endgame?
I've only joined Closers KR recently and I've been leveling Seha, Nata and Tina. I've been wondering, is a full SoD set required for endgame content? I understand that they're really beneficial but still wondering if I should place higher priority on getting that set before crafting gear. 

I mean, I see a whole bunch of people with permanent ones. Plus all the YouTube videos I see, any body doing level 50 - 70 content has it. Considering I've got a 60 Seha, 50 Tina and 50 Nata, I haven't actually gotten my hands on any 3-star costumes to fuse. Plus getting fibers to upgrade 2 star to 3 star is kinda difficult. Although since I'm new, there could be something I'm missing.
Nope. Not necessary at all. I don't have it and I'm doing fine.

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