Some General Tips
Since we have no real guides yet, I am going to dump a bunch of information here that you may find useful.

-Stamina is consumed as soon as you start the stage. So be careful to not leave a stage or accidentally press F2 and start a new run of a stage you don't want to.

-Stamina is refreshed at 4 AM Korean Time. (2 PM Eastern.)

-When you run out of Stamina, you can still do Emergency Defense and Tower Defense missions however.

-You can skip dialogue by pressing X then pressing Z again. This will instantly accept quests as well.

-If a quest description starts out with a few purple characters with a "1" in there, that means it's a solo mission. You have to solo the stage in order to complete the quest.

-If you try to complete a quest but get an error message with a number in it, it's telling you to clear out room in your inventory for the rewards. (Yes, even if the rewards wouldn't take up any additional slots because they're more of what you already have.)

-You can take SP away from skills. In order to do this, check this box on the Skills tab:

[Image: B84G2KC.png]

And you will be able to subtract them. The cost varies between skills, but it's usually at a rate of 2000 Credits per SP. (4000 C for most skills, 10000 C for ultimates.)

-Try to avoid knocking enemies down. Knocked down enemies take reduced damage and past a certain point, bosses will practically ALWAYS use the wakeup knockback attack when they get back up.

-When an enemy's outlines turn red, it has gained super armor. It is generally best to just get away from them. (For the most part, you can just use the Dodge to get behind them. But in Area 3, you'll start seeing more and more attacks that hit all around them.)

-And in Area 3, normal enemies will start going super armor while getting attacked more often. This can be annoying when a party is herding groups of enemies together and are using AoE skills on them all, since you can't really see the attacks coming.

-If you die at the boss, don't bother reviving unless the party absolutely needs you. You will get a free revive at the stage clear screen and be able to pick up any drops.

-Ultimate skills can interrupt super armor and even force knocked down enemies up. However, some super armor boss attacks cannot be interrupted with ultimates. Be warned that you ARE vulnerable during the attack animation and the boss uses one of these attacks.

-For the love of Arceus, if someone else is using an ultimate, (Namely Seulbi's lasers and Yuri's multihit sword combo.) do NOT launch the enemies. You will knock them out of the attack and they will take less damage.

-And on that note, if someone else is using an ultimate, do not use one of your own. (Although if you're a Seulbi and another Seulbi is using her lasers, it should be safe.)

-Basic combo loops:

Seha and Seulbi: ZZZ<>

It's pretty simple, all you really have to do is tap the opposite direction key of what you're facing after the third attack to cancel it and go into the next loop.

Unlike the other two, Seulbi is encouraged to use ZZZZ. She builds up floating objects as she attacks, and ZZZZ will release them. They can do pretty significant damage and launch the enemy. Her first two skills will also launch them as well. (But I'd reccomend against taking them.)

Yuri: ZZZ>>

However, for Yuri, ZZZ<>  doesn't work. Instead, you have to cancel her third attack's delay with a dash. BUT you have to let go of the arrow key before you press Z again, or she will lead into her dash combo. However, if you accidentally lead into them, you can tap the opposite arrow key to cancel out of her dash combo after her second hit. (>>ZZ<)

If you find yourself going into dash combos too often, just try to do it slower. Using a lower Attack Speed weapons might help you learn the timing as well.

If you accidentally do the fourth hit (the kick), it's okay. That can be dash canceled too.

-Union Medals can be used to buy slot expansions. You start out with 5000 of them, and can earn more through events and the following methods:

Winning a PVP match: 100 (limit five times daily)
Leveling up level 30 onwards: 50
Running out of Stamina on a level 30+ character: 200 (Can only be obtained twice daily by using full Stamina on two characters.)

-Personally, I would just get the two expansions for the Consumable and Material tabs and deal with selling/salvaging equipment between runs since weapons and accessories don't really seem to drop often enough to be an issue.

-The explosive canisters you find littered throughout stages will hurt you. However, the missle launchers and canisters that rain down meteors you start seeing in Area 3 do not.

-You can toggle through which equipment slot to compare and switch the item in your inventory and your currently equipped item with Ctrl.

-Identifying purple equipment requires these items:

-These seemingly useless items are used for repeatable quests that give items that you unlock as you advance through the area.

Area 2:

[Image: 3M5NlUe.png]

Area 3:

[Image: CP6THVH.png]
(12-29-2014, 06:20 PM)Endgame Wrote: Unlike the other two, Seulbi is encouraged to use ZZZZ. She builds up floating objects as she attacks, and ZZZZ will release them. They can do pretty significant damage and launch the enemy. Her first two skills will also launch them as well. (But I'd reccomend against taking them.)

For Seulbi, the second attack (Flame Storm) is actually extremely good and versatile with the Master Skill Cube, and my preferred way of getting scrap launched. I wouldn't say ZZZZ is encouraged, because without combined scrap, the scrap launch does pretty poor damage. It's better to stack up scrap with a few ZZZ<> loops first and then use Reversion and a scrap-launching skill. Also, Discipline Blade (the first skill) will launch scrap at level 1 without the Advanced skill cube, making it useful if you really need to quickly launch scrap for virtually no cost.

Seulbi has skill points left for Flame Storm regardless. Both Gravitational Field and Electronic Storm are terrible Damage:MP skills, and GF will always knock down as well.

Nice summary of basic tips though.
One more tip:

Don't Press F3 instantly at the end of the dungeon. It makes no one get drops since it forces everybody to leave.

This is so annoying when the boss dies away from me and I can't get anything before the Clear message pops up in EDMs.
I actually did not know a lot of this stuff. Just finished the first areas. I should start applying these tips.

[Image: Baron.gif]
A few more things to add:

-Just like the Naddic team's previous game, if you run out of revives, you get three more with the Stamina reset. (Unlike Naddic's previous game, you actually need them this time!)

-The "Vileplume" flowers aren't necessary to kill in order to advance, but they do give EXP, Credits, and items. (Namely the roots for the Area 3 repeatable quest.) So you shouldn't bypass them.

-Area 3's final boss' laser attack: This one can be pretty tricky since the game likes to take you out of dashing after jumping. However, watching other players have shown me a trick: The beams will follow you up and down in addition to left and right. So instead of trying to run across hopping over all the webs, hop over one row of webs, go up/down, THEN hop over the web in order to minimize the time spent jumping and dealing with the forementioned dashing problem.

And do be careful not to run your beam into other players.

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