Song Euni and Dolls
[Image: Sg5AEnF.png]

[Image: YHdXIhV.png]
Song Euni angry!
Song Euni shoot everything!

[Image: qCQ0YED.png]
Kyah! Euni! what are you doing!?
Where are you aiming that gun!?

[Image: me73VeV.png]
I can't suppress this surging anger!
I became like this after meeting that Doll of Anger inside the school!

[Image: DMFzNXt.png]
I cannot stand not shooting something!
So please get hit for me!

[Image: Xt2bO5E.png]
You are a Closer so you shouldn't die.

[Image: KhvoiOP.png]
Sorry I'll pass.
Even if I wont die, there's still damage.

[Image: ZKEemnL.png]
Looks like that Doll of Anger is the cause of this.
I'll go defeat it for you.

---------------Go defeat it------------

[Image: ZKEemnL.png]
Huh..? what was I doing?

[Image: 7n6VaYR.png]
You lost yourself for a while because of Dimensional's mind manipulation.

[Image: iJvX4U7.png]
You even threatened to shoot everyone with real bullets

[Image: MCJi3VF.png]
D, Did I? I'm sorry

[Image: 8rL7cZu.png]
I have a habit of shooting everything when I get really angry.
I fixed it long ago but it must have popped up because of that Dimensional

[Image: wIShpCo.png]
uuuu I'm really glad I didn't shoot you.

[Image: aE4HpXA.png]

[Image: GAsUpYXl.png]
Ahh! Ain't life so wonderful?

[Image: l19hfttl.png]
Humans and Dimensionals are all one! So there is no need to fight!
Yeah! Love and Peace!

[Image: AARI4Inl.png]
Are you alright Euni...?

[Image: og6FRwOl.png]
Of course I'm alright! I became so happy after meeting that Doll of Happiness!

[Image: TqQjwsEl.png]
It's not just me. All my men have given up fighting and are drenched in happiness!

[Image: XNygjKFl.png]
You should also put down your weapon!
Love and Peace!

[Image: nblwc7Il.png]
Doll of Happiness... I see. I heard that type of Dimensional can modify human emotions.

[Image: uwoMAu7l.png]
So you'll be back to normal if I go defeat them.
I'll go defeat those Doll of Happiness for you.

---------Go defeat them---------------

[Image: YVDjim8l.png]
Huh...! What was I doing?

[Image: Pr39kWrl.png]
You lost yourself again because of Dimensional's mind manipulation

[Image: VfbYSIpl.png]
You were bursting out laughing and singing and dancing loudly.

[Image: KVA8M4Tl.png]
Did I again?

[Image: G8hqk1kl.png]
But I'm relieved. I have a habit of shooting anything I see when I reach peak happiness.

[Image: djtagMVl.png]
It seems I didn't shoot you so all is good right?

[Image: CK8UFJdl.png]
.....So in the end you shoot both when you are angry or happy.
She is scary... /runs
Seha Lvl 47 / Yuri Lvl 43 / Seulbi Lvl 29 / J Lvl 35

Seulbi : "Yuri plz" -
Omg, she's our second Yuno.

Closers character can't die? o-o what
I think it's more like normal bullets won't affect Closers. Just like how in the first cutscene, normal bullets didn't do anything to Dimensionals that are higher than C-Rank. I mean it will hurt and graze but nothing life threatening.
Attack for the hit, fight for the win.

Seha - Kurloth // Seulbi - Pekmez // Yuri - Almiah // J - SpikedPunch // Misteltein - DrillingKick

Nata - Reebun // Levia - Mirnea // Harpy - Neola
Wow she loves shooting
HAHAH that Yuno reference... Mirai Nikki ftw :3

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