Specifics on set effect
Looking for some help to figure out how exactly set effects work. Mainly for the animation for the maid outfit.
Now, as an example I have 3 D pieces, them being the weapon, shoes, and hair. However, I also have 2 A pieces, them being the top and bottom.
If I were to mix and match them like this, will I still get the full set bonus? Assuming they're all 2*.

Thanks ahead of time.
As long as you are looking for the the set effect (for stats) you will get it no matter what pieces you use,as long as the rank is the same (2* or 3*).

As for housekeeper set,you need 6/6 D type 3star to have the emote,2* of any other type is fine for the idle animation change,as for mixing them & see if you can get the idle animation change,i haven't tried.

To clarify his post, I'm currently looking at 2 Type D pieces (hairstyle and weapon) and then 2  Type A and 2 Type B. I'm not concerned with the emote, but mostly with idle animation. So if anyone has tried this and has info, it'd be most appreciated. Thanks. (:

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