Stamina & Premium

Two questions:
1. How to restore stamina? (On Japan it was possible to buy bottles with a stamina.).
2. How to buy a premium (Which with the inscription PC)? (In-game store or somewhere on the site?).

1- Stamina potions, acquired from achievements, level up boxes, dailies or events or limited edition cash bundles SOMETIMES.

2- Closers training course, there's a black one and a gold one, the black one increased the maximum character stamina while providing other benefits to the character used on it only, the yellow one increases your maximum account stamina (not character's) and provide the same additional benefits as the black one for all the characters on the account, each of them lasting for a set amount of days.

I believe the black one gives +30 maximum character stamina, the gold one should give around 100~ more or less.

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