Stamina Question - Regarding the two color bars.

Okay , I'm new to these forums and I know how most forums work . If this was a re-post question about what is stamina in this game , I'm sorry to be such a odd ball.

So here's the question , There's two bars in closers that get depleted over time. Obviously the top Pink bar , when it's 0 means thats the stamina which is not letting me play anymore haha... But What is the bar under it , Account stamina , How much you play in the account , Or time required for a refill of stamina...?

Thank you for your regards and consideration upon this question.
The top is a character's stamina and the bottom is account stamina. So, yeah, when the top bar is empty you can't play that character, but when the bottom bar is empty you can't play on your account at all.
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