Starting Out Installing Closers Online
need help i had a same problem i cant load after 40 min
my nexon launcher cant download even after waiting 2 hours

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is there a english version of this im icant read japanese or chinese what ever
Hmm may i ask can I play closers in english version
(01-04-2016, 11:01 AM)gwapeo12 Wrote: Hmm may i ask can I play closers in english version

There's no English version at the time. You can only play the Korean or Japanese version.
(04-08-2015, 07:09 PM)Yashi Wrote: I installed the first part. Everything was gr8 until I got to the download folder. I had the Closers folder as mentioned there, but it wasn't CLOSERS_SETUP.exe it was CLOSERS_SETUP.z01

I have no clue how to open it so I'm currently reinstalling the game. If anyone knows how to solve this please let me know.

P.S. I tried opening it with Winrar and it doesn't work.

if you don't know how to download it hun wait for the download launcher to come up for it then click on the first rectangle you see thats when it will download i found that out my self so i hope this advice will be good use to you and others
#27 this is what pops up it wont let me no matter what
I'm actually new and wanting to play this game. I did everything right and its been 2 weeks already since I downloaded and installed the game. Everything works but I'm stuck with the Black lambs logo. Anyone know what to do about this problem
Closers is an online action RPG which follows the exploits of an elite team of psychic teens in the futuristic city of New Seoul as they balance the everyday obligations of high school life with the daunting task of saving all of civilization from an army of invading interdimensional aliens. In Closers, you will become an elite agent of UNION, an organization dedicated to dealing with the threat of interdimensional aliens spilling through a series of mysterious portals that have appeared throughout New Seoul.

“At launch, players will choose one of five playable members of the Black Lambs team: Seha, a reluctant combat genius, Sylvi, the dedicated leader, Yuri, the skilled martial artist who only recently discovered her powers, Misteltein, a prodigious young boy with amazing support skills, and J, the grizzled veteran with a troubled past. Each character’s unique personality and combat style will allow players to chart their own path through a complex, branching narrative, upgrading their skills and weapons along the way, and unlocking amazing new powers in a quest to snuff out a gargantuan interdimensional threat.”

Closers KR Information
Stamina Reset: 5AM KDT
» Other Timezones: 1PM PDT | 3PM EDT

Major Updates
» Character Rebalance (BlackLambs)
» 6/30 SA Seulbi Release
» 8/11 SC Levia Release

Latest Patch Notes
» 6/30 SA Seulbi Release Full Patch Notes
» 8/11 SC Levia Release Full Patch Notes

Latest Official Media
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» Levia SC Trailer
» Tina OC Trailer

Latest Comic
» Offical Webtoon Forgetten Thief Harpy Finished

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Closers JP Information
Major Updates
» Global Version Update 2016.06

Latest Patch Notes
» Global Version Update 2016.06
» Patch Notes (6/20)

Latest Trailer
» Closers JP Animation

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