Starting Out Starting Closers Online
A simple guide to starting up your closers game and bypass logging in on the website

Step 1

Firstly you will need a copy of Nexon Plug. If you do not already have it you can download it here and install it.

Step 2

[Image: r0b9rp.png]

You should have something that looks like this icon now on your desktop you will want to start it up and run as administrator.

Step 3

[Image: r9gyn8.png]

You will then be given this display where you will have to fill in your email address and password to your account and hit the login button on the right. You can choose to check the two boxes like I have it makes loging into the nexon plug quicker next time without signing in.

Step 4

[Image: 2wrhus5.png]

Once you log in you will have this UI. You will want to use the arrows on the right hand side to navigate the left hand picture till it looks as the below picture

[Image: 54jdzb.png][Image: 315xxys.png]

Once you have that nexon picture in the left hand side you will want to hit the little house icon on the bottom like marked below.

[Image: dtd07.png]

Step 5

[Image: 34refeb.png]

You will arrive on where you will need to scroll down and find the Closers icon which if you mouse over should have 클로저스 if there is no image.

Step 6

[Image: 2zh4f3o.png]

Once on the Closers home page you will find the game start button usually in plain sight. You may need to let the page load alittle if you cannot see it. This should get you into the game without having to log in and mess around with their security system. If you havent downloaded the game yet I'd highly recommend taking a look at our Downloads section
Can skip step 3&4 if you just press right/left button until you land on "Nexon",pressing the "play" button will automaticly send you to nexon main page,no need to go to another game's page and redirect. looks like you fixed it~ ^_^
Thanks for the guide!
I think this thread should be labeled as an easier way to start CloserS?
Y0L0 SW3G!!!1!!!
Would be just me (Hi, I am new) but when I try to click the Game Start banner, a pop-up of my number of phone appears. Did I had to bypass it before?
Amq, for a second there I though closers was ready for NPlug ;w;

Thanks. This is my first time playing Nexon games. Big Grin

KR (retired)

Playing the Taiwanese (TW) version, and casually playing the NA version.

I just use these two links.
thx for sharing
gd to not having to enter pw everytiem
I touch Game Start from web but he show me to add my phone number wtf man pls help Sad
Your account is not verified.
Either you ask a korean friend to get the verification code for you or buy a new account from NewGameWay (click).
[Image: Aiip38z.png]

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