Story of Act 3 / Wolfdog
So, with the videos of 2nafish and some others, I was able to get a basic grip of the Story from BlackLambs Chapter 1 and 2 and Wolfdogs Chapter 1. However, as I do not know any Korean (and the translator dont do a good job) I wanted to know if anyone has a translation of the rest of the story and/or footage like screenshots or something like that.
Currently there are no translations that are publicly release for the latest chapters of the story. The official translators work on their own time, volunteer their services for free, and I'm thankful for their work they have done. Whenever 2nafish finds the time, he will work on the rest of the story.  For now we just have to wait.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
That is too bad =( I would love to work on translations as well, but korean sure takes it time to learn... Anyway, thanks for the answer

I started it for now. Don't expect it to be updated very quick though.

Hope that's "Good job" of a translating for you.
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