Suggestion: Closers Suggestions List
I'm sure lots of foreigners would like to see things changed about Closers, and I'm sure naddic would appreciate feedback...
But obviously, we can't speak Korean, so we don't have a voice.

I'd like for us to start a Monthly Suggestions List.

First of all, we would need someone who can speak fluid Korean so they could translate everything and give it to naddic.
It would probably be a good excuse to say "this list is compiled by my shy friends".
Second of all, we would need an active moderator to constantly update a stickied suggestions list thread.
Third of all, we would need members to post things they would like to see changed.

At the end of every month, the translator will submit the translated list to naddic and notify us.

I personally think this would be a great way for naddic to see from more than one point of view, and I'm sure this forum has several suggestions for naddic.
Granted, there is an extremely high chance they won't listen to us because that "list compiled by my shy friends" excuse will probably be brushed off, but this is better than nothing.

If we can't get a translator on board, then we will have to anonymously write an e-mail in English to naddicgames ourselves.
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Quote:Second of all, we would need an active moderator to constantly update a stickied suggestions list thread.

i can do this
yay nasa
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Err, can I contribute some info from CLOSERS ID?
Maybe with some naming typo correction, if you might
Very informative post. Learn lots of new things from it email database . Thanks for the awesome share.
thanks a million
I think it would be a good idea to add more agents in the section "main agent" in the user cp.

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