Suggestion: Translation Requests
Would it be okay if we added a Translation Request section to the Translations?

That way, people who only need translations will be able to get translations quickly, and translators will be able to help quickly.
Also, we won't have as many random requests appearing in Translation section or scattered around in Game Help/General Discussion.

Moving it to Game Help doesn't seem to be very useful, in my opinion...
I'm sure most of the translators are busy and don't always have time to check every forum section. Sad
No longer active
I think it's a good idea...
[Image: Aiip38z.png]
For now, the translations forum is reserved for official translation threads, and you can add a "Translation" Prefix to the help threads. However, I can make a sub-forum under game help for strictly translation requests.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.

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