Sup! VossBoss here!
Hey there fellas, my nickname is VossBoss and IGN for my agent J. I'm pretty new to the closers scene since I just got me a account to play it so yeah... Also I'm trying to find if there is still ENG players still alive in the game. Maybe have a guild or just add me to help me out a bit more with this game, I'm really loving it.

IGN: VossBoss 

Agent: J

Current Lv:25 (Still going)
Hey, welcome.

Be sure to visit wiki:
Forum Rules:

If you need any help, feel free to ask on chatango. Big Grin
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Welcome! Dont worry we'll be gentle....
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(08-03-2015, 11:30 PM)Grenadersan Wrote: Welcome! Dont worry we'll be gentle....

Haha... I hope so and thanks for the welcome.
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Welcome, have fun, all that fun jazz :LLLLLLLL
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welcome to the forum, i hope you like it here. And hey stop by all the links khleys post up there you might find something you wanna know Big Grin

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