Tein First Impressions
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Is it Lance Lann all over again? Spin2Win all day erry day.
Attack for the hit, fight for the win.

Seha - Kurloth // Seulbi - Pekmez // Yuri - Almiah // J - SpikedPunch // Misteltein - DrillingKick

Nata - Reebun // Levia - Mirnea // Harpy - Neola
It sounds like they're actually trying to give him a german accent. Nice touch.

Only done some starting stages so far, but he already seems a lot more powerful than everyone else at the same level. Wonder how long that's going to last.
So his normal attacks are pure physical along with two trainee skills, yet according to his A3 and E1 character specific items, he's a pure magic user, not hybrid like Yuri.

So, why is his normal attacks physical and not magical like Selubi? It's gonna affect mp regen rates at later levels if it stays this way.
So far, his passive MP regen is pretty fast. I'm getting my MP back by the time skills are finished.

Also, the spear buff boosts both Attacks.
I find him very strong at the early stages as well. I ran out of stamina, damn u KR Gov. I wish I could of finished the Intern Quest.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.
i see they use the old bus bombing icon for his SS skill
*Cycles through the character select screen positions.*

When Mistel is selected when he's in the second slot..... he pokes the monitor! HE'S ACHIEVED AWARENESS! ABANDON SHIP! ABANDON SHIP!
still cant play, but that starting-pose he does where he stands still until he summons lancetein? kind of gives me the impression of a machine being turned on
-He hits too hard. This feels like Chung's first release, where he's purposefully overpowered so people will have incentive to make him. I expect nerfs soon because seriously, all his skills hit hard.

-His Advanced lance call and first finishing move does magic damage. Detonating a lance also makes it do magical damage.

-His bonus accessory is basically him without the Black Lamb jacket. And it's a blouse.

[Image: SCREEN_CAPTURE2015-02-1313-25-24-196_zps15a9e058.png]

-He has a jacket in the cash shop that's long enough to hide short shorts.

[Image: SCREEN_CAPTURE2015-02-1314-44-30-876_zps67ea3f61.png]

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