That Closers in-game image
I tried opening them with Photoshop, but I get no transparent background.
IrfanView? Wouldn't let me...

What I mean is that... I need bigger resolutions. Don't care about proportions, I can Free Transform them into slimmer stuff. The idea is that, Seulbi is shorter than Yuri, however when I put the image together, it's all messed up imo.
There's no bigger resolutions than this.

You can covert DDS to PNG using some online converters, nothing difficult there. Said PNGs then have the proper transparency when used in photoshop. You can freely transform and scale in there then.
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I've already done that with Visual Studio.
Well, the point of it was to make it my wallpaper. Oh well.
This image is now available here:
[Image: Aiip38z.png]

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