The Greatness of Indonesian Server
What about it ?, well let me tell you

We get something other server dont have right now, a raging inflation, yeah you heard it right a big raging inflation when a not so rare item get sold at max prices and you have to pay an extra money, not credit but real money to get the rare one, and the best part is..... the player dont give a damn **** and just consider all of this normal because they, well they got a fuckton of money to spare on a stupid thing that doesn't worth it, do i even had the will to tell them this ?, well of course and they go full butthurt and saying im just a poor piece of sh*t.

I'm posting it here so many of you guys from other server know how bad the community on our server is in term of the trading, and i want you guys to tell them to basically not lower the price but to telling them this is a big joke and really really worth to laugh at.


P.S. you have problem with me ?, come and get me im not afraid of you
This is everywhere, Effect slot accessories that are acquirable from gacha/boss drops are so rare that they are not worth 500m (maximum board price).

Only way for people to "buy" those is through a well timed deal where the seller put the item, sell it to the buyer at 500m right when it's up (the buyer has to wait for it to show up on board), and when it is sold, they can pay the seller with more credits or real cash.

This is a flaw in the system, yes, and there's no other way to get around it, there's absolutely no way to sell those things for higher than 500m.

What you can do? Camp the board 24/7 with 500m in your hands and buy the first ones that show up, you will piss the buyer/seller off because the seller gets less money than he should and the buyer lost his deal.
You showed me the Greatness of Indonesian servers. it's amazing. thank you for sharing.
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