The things naddic has done to diss Yuri
  • Title of biggest t*ts stolen by Levia
  • Worst character passive in the game
  • Worst passive forces all Yuri to have below average stats
  • Below average stats + Mediocre Multipliers on normal actives...
  • Only character in the entire game that has to be hybrid
  • Highest MP Costs in the ENTIRE GAME
  • Upon revamp, large skill casting duration reduction on Yuri Special (can't abuse 80% reduction as well as before)
  • Can only receive a short attack buff by using a FINISHING MOVE IN A CERTAIN WAY
  • Made Rolling Vulcan extremely unsmooth and difficult to cancel
  • +2.40% Total Attack Increase on 2-Star Cash Costume Weapons instead of the usual +4% that EVERYBODY ELSE GETS

Honestly, the bad outweigh the good by a LOT. It'd be nice if Yuri at least had better multipliers, because you can't give her terribad stats and then give her mediocre multipliers.

It would also be nice to see Balancing Sense INCREASE STATS WHEN YOU BALANCE, rather than DECREASING STATS WHEN YOU AREN'T BALANCED.

Edit: Balanced Sense is actually good. '-'
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They even replaced her with Levia on the nexon game selection page. Poor girl can't catch a break.
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