There's already level 47 players.
promotion quest gives only one stamina potion
chill up guys
just slowly enjoy the game

if we rush too fast, the game burnt out really quick

provided that the game just released and we dont expect lots of awesome new content releasing
Well I didn't really post much of a detailed explanation on as to how it would be possible since I had to leave pretty quickly.

There is an item in the item shop that gives and additional 15% EXP and CR boost. As well as increasing your total character stamina cap from 170 to 200 and total from 340 to 400. I think it was the Union's Elite Training Course thing that is also included with the 50k NX Starter packages. There are also stamina pots but they're not given out frequently and I think purchasing one of the buff items from the Item Shop and then activating it also replenishes all your stamina. (I bought a Unlimited Skill Reset for 15 Days and used it and my stamina reset at like 7:30AM EST).

Not only that but, included in those packages are also 1 extra limit run on everything in the game, which is basically 4 runs on every special mission and 4 runs on EDMs. If anything and they REALLY wanted to power through, they could buy one of the Special Mission passes to let them go again in the same day.
Was the Stamina potion a time limited item? I had a bunch of things I didn't know what they were in storage that expired.

And there's a new slowdown point: Level 42. Ran out of quests at 25% EXP and have to hit level 43 before it will let me do the Area 4 Very Hard stages.
Most likely stam pots. :o

The VIP medal does not increase your base party stamina. It only increases that certain character's stamina bar by 30. If you run all 200 stamina on the character you will still only have 140 left for the party as a whole. You still have a total of 340 stamina.

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