This SEGA ID is in stop use. How can you stop this?
Sometimes when my VPN goes down for a second or something of that sort, when I go to log back into the website to go back to playing, this pops up
"This SEGA ID is in stop use. You will not be able to log in.

Inquiries, please refer to the CLOSERS official site."
It won't let me login and I just don't know how to fix it >.<
You are basically still online using the old VPN and try to connect again using a new VPN.

Give it some time, that's how you fix it I guess?

You can always keep trying to disconnect yourself but that won't be a good idea, might make it suspicious for your account.
Yeah I thought as much >.< Just annoying how it's been that way for like, an hour and a half.
you probably got a banned.
tried to look at your e-mail if it so sega will send you a reason why you get banned.
I just got it few months ago. due to suspect of ID being hacked. (still crying about it due to full costume on every chara.)
I sent the replied at the official website but no response.
so..... good luck.

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