This event stage is something else.
[Image: OzKAafy.jpg]

We have to quell the washing machine revolution.

.....And the evil mastermind:

[Image: b90Npz1.jpg]

Only 3 runs per character per day though.....

On a side note, this update was pretty huge for something that only added a new pet and an event stage. Can any dataminers confirm if they slipped in something relating to a new area or new characters? Maybe the helper NPC system they mentioned a long time ago but we've heard nothing about since?
That or they just had to overwrite a huge file just to add few things to it, the launcher/patcher doesn't add files, but download and overwrite :/

You know, some CMF files are just too big (420mb for example for one file) and if they have to add ONE THING to it, yeah they have to download it again..

Which is why we keep getting 2gb~ updates but the client size doesn't really change.

Just a possibility, datamining to check every single file (because you can't really tell which file is new or modified and which isn't) can take a long enough time to be demotivational to start..

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