This server still good?
Well... I just came back to play Harpy but somehow this game is a bit... too quiet?
I remember first week of slash and levia release and it full of people.
but this time it just too quiet and it's not a quick enter channel.

I got banned 4-5 months ago (never get it lift, RIP my charas) and things change so much. When I enter the blackmarket there's no new costume there unlike what it once were when new costume came out.
Is this server still alive?
From what i see its alive, but not many ppl sell L.Gear (cosmetic to any part), cash shop is hardly updated (mostly special and/or event box are added), so players dont have anything to sell in true. if you wanna some L.Gear you need wait till its on Blackmarket hoping for it, or buy it for stones. Most costumes now cost something like 35mln for part so if you just create acc its eassyer to by stones if you wanna some outfit fast (or find some rly good player which lend you money (dunno if you manage do that)).
[Image: M6hHb59.jpg?1]
I started playing the game in February this year and at first there were many people in the game but then it just got quieter and quieter, even now when I go back to the beginner town I barely see anyone. I don't know how it looks in Korea but in Japan, this game looks like it's dying.

P/S: still no Tina D':

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