Tips & Stuff in MS2
If you need translation/guides go to:

If you need a dead guild to play with, then catch me online (IGN:Aquastony), or Chatango and join ClosersHQ once people ran out of stamina, or decided to play it for funs. Or catch one of my guildmates, if I approved them to invite.  Idk how the guild system works....

If you need to catch a field boss, heres the timer for it:

If you need a grind spot, there are 3 main grind spots, and some sub grind spots. Do note that you have to be at least 5 levels within the monster lv range in order to be in the area or get exp, and a single hit from monster counts as full exp but do some work and not leeching it at least and you're most likly to be with other people.:
Unfortunately only Guild Master can invite, because naddic and nexon don't believe in letting other people invite. zzzz
Edit: I'm really happy you left a link to tria, it's 900x more useful than x_x

Edit2: It seems that you can adjust settings so you can make it possible for non-gm to invite
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Thanks for the link, I just installed it yesterday :L so I'm a scrub
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