Trading System Changes
Updated on 29/1/2015

Seems like the team has detected increasing bulk credits production by 'malicious' players.
Over the 22 days since 7th Jan, 79,977 accounts have been found to be having these abnormalities.

So the solution by the team:

1.  Temporarily restrict individual transactions between players.
  • Can only mail messages to other players.
  • Cannot mail items and cash to other players.
2. Only blackmarket trading allowed.
  • Limits of item prices implemented depending on recent deal's average cost.
  • Upper limit (15%) and Lower limit (50%)
  • You will not be able to sell items beyond the limits.
  • Item will start selling 30mins after registration.
  • Item sales can be canceled 40mins after registration.
  • Slots will be limited to 4. No extension allowed. (may be changed in the future)
3. May be added in the future.
  • Account warehouse restriction/less restriction.
^_^ .enielK si eman ym ,iH
"And Goddic went into the black market, and cast out all them that sold and bought, and overthrew the tables of the chinese, hoarders, and heavy cashers. And said unto them, It is written, My game is to be enjoyed; but ye have made this game into a den of thieves."

[Image: A81ivpV.jpg]
[Image: the-expulsion-from-the-temple-1.jpg]
[Image: z5zkFM2.jpg]
[Image: Jt5MHGl.jpg]
[Image: hDFkpkH.gif]
wait how..? 
i deleted this post cause i saw Rue already posted it. e_e
^_^ .enielK si eman ym ,iH
... man, I know they had to do it to prevent things getting chaotic, but they had to keep the mail system blocked even for the characters in the same account? My Seulbi's OA quest will take almost a week if not more to be finished since I don't have time to farm a lot.
[Image: l1joBd2.png]
Kaideh 45Kudaranai 43Mitsumi 43 — Alejandro 30  — Harisu 20
ID: Kaideh
can't you just use the account ware house ???
(01-29-2015, 02:40 AM)enielK Wrote: wait how..? 
i deleted this post cause i saw Rue already posted it. e_e

and my post is gone.... T_T
Uh....what "less restriction" for account warehouse?
That 2na reply tho xD
-y is it so expansive to seal low level gears anyway???-
Sorry, I swapped the posts because of clarity. I forgot to inform you guys, my bad.
Do not send me private messages regarding game help.

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