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so Sega has closed Closers and transfer the game to HappyTuk, can we get an introduction how to transfer pls?
well, forget it since the transfer date already passed so it doesn't matter anymore, I've been having fun with the game but since I'm too slow with the news about the transfer, I already missed it Sad it will take a while for me to get back the game
It hasn't really passed.

I was still able to transfer my data.

Go to your email, and check for an email from SEGA where it has a strange set of letters and numbers around the middle of the email.

Then you go to this link, login and hopefully it takes you to a page where you have 4 boxes, put the numbers in them and it should give a message like this on your browser.
(and this last image is from happytuk's official guide page)

Now it's up to you if you want your old stuff or not, and if you do, maybe just do another account depending on how far you already are.
Just so you can see that it really worked, here is a screenshot.
I transfer'd stuff the day I did this post.
well, thanks for the reply but the code doesnt work anymore so I wont touch Japan server again, I will stick to Code Closers now Tongue

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